Connecting with consumers through mobile apps

We live in the age of mobile apps, there is no denying it.

Every organization out there is rushing around to get a mobile app to their clients, sometimes spending over $100,000 to get an app in their users hands. And it makes sense, a permanent place for a person to see and interact with your brand.

Unfortunately, most organizations are thinking about mobile apps completely backwards.

So what do we mean by backwards? Most organizations have the “if we build it they will come” mentality. These organizations are anxious to have the ability to throw even more advertising crap at people. What these companies don’t understand is that mobility flips the company/consumer paradigm. So,  what happens in this bold new world if a user does not fine value in your app?



If a user does not feel like they are getting value out of your app, they will delete it. And rarely do individuals give an app a second chance. Consumer have to want your app  on their personal mobile device. If you are trying to trick them into downloading it you have already lost.

So does this mean that an app must be perfect the moment you launch it? No, iteration is still the key to success. But as you plan your companies mobile strategy, you need to be focused on the value to the consumer first.

At Apperson Labs, we are thrilled with the idea of companies using new and innovative technology to better interact with the world around them! Tech like iBeacons, and indoor GPS have the ability to revolutionize industries, and we are passionate about it!

Imagine an app that would automatically know a user has been spending time around a product or display at a store and can present them an discount offer they just cant refuse to push them over the edge! Things like this are just the tip of the iceberg, apps have the ability to do amazing things. And when we build an app consumers actually want or even need need, getting them to download it so that you can utilize the additional marketing channels will be easy and far more effective.