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Independent Sales Engineer

So, it turns out that managing a portfolio of  clients and partners that consists of work for major brands like Ford, and VW, developing world class software is time-consuming. Who knew? Soooo… we are in need of someone to lend a hand with our sales and marketing!

There is no formal set of requirements, many of the responsibilities will be up to you to propose, and the position will be well compensated. “Well” meaning on a heat scale ranging from Sweet Bell peppers to Habaneros… we are talking Habaneros! You can perform your Apperson Labs duties from anywhere in the country, and this is non-negotiable, for the most part, usually, kind of.

So what does our ideal candidate look like?

  • You have strong opinions about new tech products (Glass? Pebble watch?)
  • Ideally you have programed at least as a hobby (would you trust a car salesmen that has never touched a car before??)
  • You are always the first to download the latest hot app from the App Store/Play Store
  • You know how to convince me to buy this pen *holds up pen* in under 1 minute. (just kidding! Who thought up that dumb interview “test” anyway??)
  • You know how to write a blog post about mobile apps that won’t make 90% of the population start drooling as they zone out while reading.
  • Cold calling a company does not result in you sitting on the phone silent, freaking out the person on the other end who can just hear you breathing.
  • People love you!

How hot are those Habaneros we will be paying you in?

Melt your tongue off hot!

We will be starting off as commission only, and the exact rate will depend on experience. After 6 months (or less), we would look to move you to full-time employement. We know sales is hard work, thus you will be VERY well compensated, right from the start!

To apply:

Send us your resume, a bio, a general statement of why the crap you would want to by being associated with such a sordid outfit as Apperson Labs, and what do you feel are the most important things for a sales rep to know when working along side a team of software developers? Lastly, to insure you have actually read this far, and if you have, I probably owe you an apology, please include a link to your favorite app. Bundle all of this up in a digital saddlebag and Pony Express it to: hello@appersonlabs.com with the subject “I WANT TO WORK FOR YOU!!!”